You managed to capture some beautiful images

I had been looking to get some professional shots for my website done for ages but couldn’t find the right photographer. Thank you for making me feel so at ease and less awkward than I usually do. With your direction and ability to make me feel relaxed (and laugh!), you managed to capture some beautiful… Read More

Stunning photography

Stunning photography at my baby shower. Highly recommend this super talented photographer! An artist at heart :) Looking forward to some fun kids photos in the future.

Marvelous at her job and a thorough professional

Marvelous at her job and a thorough professional, Simi strikes a special chord! Her versatility and passion for photography is what made every moment of our photo shoot a real fun experience. She made us really happy with her witty presence and that’s just so evident in all our pictures! We had a #whaleofatime!

We’re looking forward to our next family photo shoot with Simi

Simi has been doing our family photos for the past two years, since we moved to Dubai.  We couldn’t be happier with the beautiful moments she has captured of our family in the Marina and out in the desert.  She makes photo shoots enjoyable and she’s also fantastic with kids.  She’s patient with moody toddlers… Read More